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Leather Jackets

Please use these links for the main groups of leathers, or the links below to the individual items. SuitsMen is being updated regularly, so there are more products available than on this page:
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Leather Jackets

leather coat
Nubuck or Sheeps Nappa Car Coat
Reefer Jacket also available in Kingsize
Suede jacket in light brown

Buffalo Box Jacket
Classic Black Nappa leather trench coat
Leather coat with quilted lining
Leather Harrington

3 button Leather blazer
2 button Leather Blazer
traditional bomber jacket
traditional bomber jacket

leather waitcoat
leather waitcoat

The price shown is what you pay, no 'Post & Packing' costs in the UK. No hidden extras. Free returns and no quibble refund if not entirely delighted with your purchase.

Care of your jacket.

All our jackets are ready to wear. Mostly made from fine lambs leather. The nubuck Leather and Suede Jackets we sell are already treated with Scotchguard, and require no further treatment. The nappa leather is also pretreated, but can be cleaned with leather foam as required, and this will rejuvenate it. If you get your jacket wet, hang it in a cool place to dry. All the colours used are colour fast, however, the surface of the leather can rub off. Care should be taken wearing the brown Buffalo jacket with a white shirt.

Nubuck is lambs leather that has had the top surface finely shaved off to give one of the most luxurious finishes leather can offer.

Looking for something for your lady? Have a look at Lucy Alice Leather selection:

Ladies Leather coats and Jackets


Not seen what you want? Contact Us, As a seller of Leather outerwear our range of clothes is second to none. We keep a good stock of fashion biker jackets in stock. We do not sell motorcycle jackets, these are of a specialist design involving smart materials like kevlar, and I advise going to a specialist store. We hope to add vests and jeans to our store casual range in the near future. All our designer leathers are sold at great prices, so we do not do special offers.

Note: A friend told be that some related words to leather jackets were : around, searches, travel and fit. Now that really had me stumped. Any advice appreciated!

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